Info for Regular Writers

First of all, thank you each and all very much for the great information via your articles that we publish in  Connection Magazine. I am writing to restate our policy for publishing Articles as a regular columnist. Please understand that I must send this to each of you—one reason is so that you’ll know our dates to be out on the stands and when we must have your articles.

I realize that many of you folks have been following our policy with at least two articles in at all times (in fact, several of youhave a number of articles in or even a year’s worth—thank you very much!!)

The Connection Magazine ARTICLE POLICY:

1).  You must have TWO ARTICLES in at everytime.

2).  If you have only ONE ARTICLE, it may not get in unless you have your two Articles in.

3).  Your new Article should be in on the day that the next magazine is out on the stands. Your next new Article should be in on that day. (please remember that means with another article already being in, so that you have at least two articles in at one time).

4). On each Article please have:

TITLE (The headline you would like your article to have when it is printed in the paper. Try to make it a short, catchy title. Be aware that we have the right to change the title.)

BYLINE    (by author’s name, include credentials PhD, LAc etc.). Please leave  the ‘b’ on ‘by’ lower case.

ARTICLE BODY (This is the content of your article. The Article Body should be no more than 500 words.With 500 words, it is usually better to focus on one idea or topic and not try to develop to many ideas or aspects.

BIO INFO  (This is a short paragraph at the end of the article that includes information you want the reader to know about you. The Bio Info usually includes: your name, your credentials, address, phone number with area code (831), etc.)

5). If you are not going to have your Article(s) in, please let us know asap. To not communicate with us in a timely manner, puts a major strain on the magazine and its staff.

6) Please send your article as a Word .Doc file, if possible, attached to an email. If you do not have Word, you can usually do “save as” and choose Word 97-2004 Document (.doc) to save in. Another alternative is to save as a Rich Text Format or (.rtf) file.  Attaching your file is much better than copy and pasting it into the body of your email. You can copy and paste also, but please do an attachment.

7) Please call us and confirm that we indeed received your article, and that it works. (831) 459-0522.

8). If you do not have two articles in now, please do so. We must be strict with this Article Policy (although this probably does not apply to you, we have had a couple situations where columnists have repeatedly ignored the Article Policy, making it very difficultfor the magazine’s production).

We are very caring folks, so we do understand that there can be ‘situations’ that come up that might interfere with this policy. Please communicate with us asap, in this case.

9).  Click Here for the Next Publication Dates. Please note that these dates could change.

Thank you for your contributions and for adhering to our policy. Please call with any questions (831) 459-0522.

10) Click Here to email Your Article to Us.