by Megan Montero

In Chinese, the words Feng Shui mean, wind water. The term Feng Shui refers to the balance and flow of these two essential elements, which are necessary to maintain health and balance. The drought inspires me to share an ancient perspective and my personal experience, about our relationship with wind, water and weather.

Recently I was in the highlands of central Mexico, in a village called Tepoztlan. I have been going there for many years since I was initiated as a Granicera, or Weather Worker, in the Nahua weather working tradition of Mexico.  I arrived with 50 other Weather Workers for the annual spring ceremonies to welcome the rains return.  The following morning, we awoke to rain.  Rain had not been in the forecast, but the Weather Beings still came out to welcome us.

Weather is not merely a meteorological event to measure and calculate. The weather is a living presence; living beings who we were meant to engage with and relate to. The Weather BeingsWind, Clouds, Lightning, Rain, Sun and Ocean – all work together to bring the blessings of water.  At one time the weather beings were honored and respected for their generosity, but many of these ways of being in right relationship with the Weather Beings has been lost; Not all of those ways have been lost.

For thousands of years the Graniceros in my lineage, have been going to a Great Goddess volcano being named Iztaccihuatl. She lies next to her husband, Popocatepetl, an active volcano. On this particular journey, we were a group of 60 Weather Workers, a caravan of nine vehicles winding up the volcano to 14,000 feet.  The site for our ceremony is a beautiful, peaceful, place, with an expansive view. We can see Popocatepetls 17,802 ft high snowcap peak and Iztaccihuatls 17,342 ft high rock face, bare of snow.

The sky is blue.  The sun is out, and it’s chilly at this elevation. The ceremony begins with lots of copal smoke, prayers, and offerings of flowers, candles, fruit and bread. We are there at the beginning of the rainy season to call Tlaloc, the Rain God, to return with his precious life-giving waters.

The wind picks up.  The clouds roll in, and the temperature drops.  Rain and sleet arrives. Theres hail, then snow, thunder and lightning. We’re trying our best to hold on and not blow away. Were wet and cold and its growing dark, but the love we feel for the Weather Beings and each other keeps us going. By the end of the ceremony Iztaccihuatl’s rock face is completely covered in snow.

Filled with joy and gratitude, we wind down the mountain in the dark, leaving the volcanoes and storm behind. But wait! The storm is following us, surrounding us with lightning, thunder and rain all the way back to the village. The people of Tepoztlan are overjoyed; the Weather Beings have followed us home!

We have forgotten our relationship with these Divine Beings. Through the absence of rain, the Weather Beings are asking us to appreciate their value and return to our relationship with them. Giving thanks to these Great Beings, acknowledging and honoring their presence, is the way back to balance.

If you would like to participate in weather ceremonies in Santa Cruz, contact Megan at  [email protected] or 831-588-5424.  Megan Montero is a Feng Shui Consultant, a Home Organizer, a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer and a Weather Worker in the Nahua tradition of Mexico. Visit


Megan Montero
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