Dear Conscious Creatives, Seekers of Awareness & Wisdom, Lovers of Harmony and Wholeness, Those who Appreciate the Adventures of Living, and Believers that the World can be a Better Place,

Connection Magazine’s purpose is to awaken and enliven our community by presenting a forum of ideas from all aspects of health, fitness, fun, art, adventure and awareness, to increase our awareness and understanding about the many quality healthy living and consciousness lifestyle options available.Connection Magazine believes that being aware can help us make enlightened choices for our own well-being, now and in the future.

We Welcome All Healers of the Mind, Body & Spirit and All those wanting to Improve Their Health and Well-Being.

Connection Magazine believes our health and well-being is enhanced by being well-rounded. So, enjoying life, having fun, being playful and adventurous adds to happiness and completeness and therefore, our health & future well-being. The health of our planet is most imperative too! Connection Magazine invites us all to celebrate Earth Day everyday and educate ourselves about what are the best ways to live with Optimal Health and Joy for all of us Humans and the rest of the biodiversity of the planet. We are at a crossroads where we need to question and examine what is really happening on the planet that we are inhabiting.

Connection Magazine encourages your feedback and participation. Join Connection Magazine via the Lively Letters, Contests, Rave Reviews, Testimonials, etc.

Use Connection Magazine advertising for Events, Expos, Festivals, Exercise and Fitness Clothing, Medical Marijuana, Eco and Green Products, Health Food, Health Food Stores, Vegetarian Restaurants, Vitamins, Yoga, Massage, Parenting, Travel, Ecology, Politics, Martial Arts, Business, Computers, Movies, Music, CD’s, DVD’s, Books and Classified Ads is a smart move. Our advertising rates are very affordable because your advertising comes out on a monthly basis, instead of advertising weekly or daily. A magazine covering Health, Fitness, Fun, Art, Adventure, 2012, Personal Growth and Awareness for the New Age Consciousness. Connection Magazine is printed for Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara, and San Mateo Counties in California, which includes the San Francisco Bay area, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Carmel, San Jose and the Silicon Valley. But besides California, Connection Magazine’s outlook is global and serves the world through free PDF magazine downloads. Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Planet is Connection Magazine’s goal.

In Health, Fitness, Fun, Adventure & Awareness,

Pattie Mills and Thom Coby

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