thank-you-for-your-supportFor 10 years, Common Vision has been planting school orchards in Sacramento food deserts. This week, Common Vision is excited to be adding 4 new orchards to the 17 we already sustain for school children all over the Sacramento Area. But we desperately need your help.

Unlike other Common Vision orchards in Ventura, Richmond, and other cities throughout CA, our Sacramento programs do not have a dedicated funding stream and these orchards are in jeopardy. We need YOUR help to make sure our children can keep receiving tons of fruit right on their school campus.

We’ve always been the type to do things a little different. Over the next 10 days, we will be planting new orchards at 4 Sacramento schools and we are inviting you to literally join us and hundreds of kids, in real time via livestream as we connect our food, ourselves and the natural world.

We need your help NOW.
With programs scheduled for this week, we’re asking you to help us to #KeepCalmAndPlantOn by supporting fruit tree orchards and Sacramento School children with your donation.

About Common Vision

Formed in 2005, Common Vision is creating a Healthy and Just Society by growing fruit tree orchards in low-income schools. Over the past 10 years, we’ve planted more than 6,000 fruit trees throughout California and built a reputation for improving the lives of students and teachers.

Not only do Common Vision orchards produce 150,000 lbs of organic fruit every year (so far), they are also living classrooms where kids learn about environmental science, climate change, nutrition, and teamwork.

We envision a world where sustainable agricultural provides all people with access to high quality and culturally appropriate foods; a world where agriculture is a tool for reversing climate change and supporting social equity.

sacramento-orchards-need-your-help“From professional tree care services including irrigation and soil management to strong educational programming, the staff and volunteers from Common Vision are making a huge impact on school environments in California.” —Kate Casale, Youth Development Specialist, Alameda County Office of Education

“Common Vision’s long-term relationships with schools, partners, and volunteers proves their dedication to improving access to fresh food for today’s children and ability to scale up as opportunities arise.”
– Jodi Levine-Wright, Executive and Founding Director, Earthroots

“I believe wholeheartedly that the work they are doing in school gardens is positively shaping the way future generations will think about how food is grown, how this impacts their health, and how we can care for and preserve our planet’s resources.”

Kelli Barram, Garden Education Specialist, Washington Elementary School.

Printed with permission.



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