no-matter-our-differencesIntuitive Insights by Melanie Gendron,

Creator of The Gendron Tarot

Watching the contestants in current political drama, I am reminded of chimps slinging feces to prove who is more alpha. Does the one who throws the most poop win?

It’s perplexing for a baby boomer from the love generation. I would prefer to be inspired and proud to be American, not embarrassed or afraid.

Many of us have suffered various setbacks leaving us vulnerable financially, dependent on any help we can muster. Retirement remains an upper middle class dream with most seniors treading the waters hoping to survive, and students graduating college in deep debt at the beginning of a career.

We learn to let go non-essentials as we keep dreaming of a better life. Yet our best life is the one we are living this moment; it’s what we have to build on. This is the life to cherish, the one to change and the one for which to be grateful.

There will always be room for improvement. The soul’s garden flourishes when pruned. Letting go what does not serve our Higher Self functioning grows our character. Expanding our consciousness, we transcend the ego’s need to sling feces as we fertilize our character with empathy and compassion.

Cultivating respect for one another, we learn to tolerate differences and to accept that we are each uniquely deserving of our individual perception.

No matter our differences, we can and must learn to work together to create a peaceful world.

Blessings, Melanie

Melanie Gendron is available for intuitive tarot readings, offering also art, unique gifts, tarot services and products, (831) 335-9064, email http://[email protected], visit

this-fools-journeyThere’s a new book on the horizon that spotlights Melanie’s Goddess artwork, The Elemental Goddess, published with River Sanctuary Publishing. Books available late Dec. 2016, early 2017.

The personified tarot cards in This Fool’s Journey talk about themselves, making the archetypes accessible to the reader.  The line drawings of the Gendron Tarot major arcana make this book a visual as well as consciously expansive treat.

—John Gray, Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

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Melanie Gendron
Melanie Gendron is available for intuitive tarot readings, offering art and tarot services and products, (831) 335-9064, email [email protected], visit