See You At The Fair

by Allen Morgan
Dr. Richard Schulz, “The Herb Doctor” is world renown for leading the Natural Healing movement. His prod­ucts can be found in the majority of retail outlets and health store with a number of products that enhance self-healing. The abanero pepper( capsicum) is one of his most important herbs.

“Natural Healing is a method of healing, or a different style or a type of healing than standard mod­ern medicine. With modern medicine, when you get sick, you usually take pow­erful chemical drugs or undergo something quite invasive, like surgery, to treat disease. With Natural Healing, instead you assist or encourage your body’s own natural self-healing ability. There is a huge dif­ference. Simply put, Natu­ral Healing is what your y does well, naturally, every day, with or with­out your help. And when you get sick, it’s also what your body naturally does, which is heal you.”

healing-with-habanero-peppersThe miracle chemical Capsicum can only be extracted from the hot peppers. It stimulates metabo­lism by activating a chain of events in the body that help to melt fat and break it down in the body. It acti­vates the sympathetic ner­vous system that is associ­ated with thermogenesis, which speeds the body’s oxidation of fat. With exer­cise, studies have shown that capsicum increases fat oxidation by 42%! Fat oxi­dation is the process by which the body melts excess fat and converts it into en­ergy.2 The chemical Capsicum cannot be produced in an industrial productions process.

Come See Me at the Fair

Allen Morgan will provide an op­portunity to start our own healing gardens by offering at the Santa Cruz County Fair on September 14 tolS, 2016 heirloom Habanero pepper plants and seeds for sale. A display of pepper products from freshly harvested to ground powder will be available for purchase. The array of colors is red, yellow, orange and gold.

Also available will be a selection of nearly 200 varieties of heirloom seeds from Seed Savers Exchange, the only non-profit heirloom seed company in the country.
The source of this magnificent plant is from the generosity of Mr Romerous of Davenport, California in Santa Cruz County. Honoring his contribution to our community, we will be offering his ha­banero pepper that he has grown since a child.

Stop by the Seed Savers Exchange display in the Agriculture Build for a taste sample of the one of the world’s hottest peppers. There you will find a large bowl of Habanero salsa and corn chip. Drip onto the world of capsicum. At this year’s County Fair, I will be offering Habanero plants, seeds, dried peppers and ground chili powders. A dis­play of pepper product from fresh har­vested to ground powder for purchase. An array of colors , red, yellow, orange, and gold.

It also will fight migraine, prevent sinusitis and relieve congestion, fight cancer, burn fat and lose weight, fight nflammation, help soothe intestinal diseases, help protect your heart. Capsai­cin may help to protect the heart with antioxidants in capsicums protecting cho­lesterol from oxidation: this is one of the main factors that trigger the development of a which trigger the development of atheroscierosis (arterial the plaque),which in turn increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

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