by Donna Williams-Smith

Women of every country have their own beauty secrets and practices that are often deeply rooted in history.  These tried and true tips incorporate native ingredients that have been used for generations for beauty.

GREECE: Many Greek women love to spend hours basking in the sun.  To soothe sunburned skin and neutralize red splotches, they apply unflavored yogurt to the face and body.  Yogurt  contains lactic acid, proteins and enzymes that increase the water content of the skin, relieving skin induced redness and burning.

NEW ZEALAND: A local beauty secret for New Zealanders is Manuka Honey.  It is a natural antiseptic with the ability to diminish blemishes by supplying white blood cells with glucose, which destroys acne causing bacteria.  It is commonly used at New Zealand spas to reduce pimples and spots without over-drying the skin.

ISRAEL: To alleviate skin problems, like eczema and psoriasis, Israeli women soak their bodies in dead sea waters which contain twenty-one different nourishing minerals.  Fortunately, Dead Sea Salts are available in this country.

INDIA: Indian women coat their hair weekly, from tip to root  with warm coconut oil, which seals moisture into the cuticle and promotes hair growth, resulting in thicker, healthier strands.

POLAND: a Polish mother of a client who had beautiful skin, used to bath her girls, as children, in chamomile tea once or twice a week, to encourage a  superior complexion.

The above are not necessarily exclusive to one country and of course there are variations. May this sampling serve as inspiration  and/or reminders of the wealth of natural applications available.

Donna Williams-Smith is a holistically oriented Licensed Aesthetician in California and Nevada.

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