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Lozen is a local legend at Ojo Caliente Mineral Hot Springs in Northern New Mexico. She was an Apache woman who rode as a warrior with Geronimo, personally recognized as a significant threat to the U.S. Cavalry. Lozen, seer and shaman, broke all traditional boundaries of gender in the 1800s. This area has historically attracted extraordinary genius, both artists and writers, who in the spirit of Lozen expand archetypes that had been embodied for centuries. Ojo Caliente has unique sulfur-free mineral waters of lithium, iron, soda and arsenic, frequented first by Native Americans.

Last year a small group of us ventured to this area for a seven-day retreat exploring the traditional archetypes of the four cardinal directions: visionary, warrior, teacher and healer. We explored these through mixed media materials: sand painting, mask and rattle making, small figures, painting and personal ritual in four directions from Ojo to the Red Cliffs of El Rito, to the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, to Plaza Blanca where Georgia O’Keeffe painted and to the aspen forest near Tres Piedras. Each of us fashioned our personal archetypal center with variations key to the artist/shaman/magician. Although we spent four days in wild and diverse country, our home base was the luxurious spa of Ojo Caliente, where we used the hot springs each day for meditation, integration and rejuvenation.

The three worlds of shamanic cosmology is a way to understand this enchanting land where boundaries are more permeable inviting personal and collective transformation. In this cosmology construct there are three worlds, the under or lower world, of which we are most unaware but is in constant play in our lives—the unconscious. The upper world relates to the powers beyond us crossing time and space—our super consciousness or higher self. And the middle world, which is reality as we know it, what we live in from day to day—our waking consciousness.

We are living in a time when long-standing archetypes need to be understood in a broader context. Typically we are so grounded in the middle world that little else exists, even though this is only one-third of the picture. In this land of the warrior woman, Lozen, worlds overlap—yielding vision, inspiration and healing through conscious and creative interaction. This place, even as it is curative, teeters on the edge of a vertical plunge into both the lower world and upper world. Locals recognize this unadvertised invitation into the depths of relationship to one’s self, to each other and to the collective.

You can join us on our next adventure Sept. 26th through Oct. 2nd staying at Ojo with the intent to use creative expressions to understand more personally our governing archetypes, which impact our middle world. No experience in the visual arts is necessary, just a willingness to play. Writers are most welcome. Contact Majio for registration: [email protected], Please let her know that you have read her Article & Ad in Connection Magazine. Thank you!!

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