In most emergency situations, it’s best to get to an emergency clinic as soon as possible. But if your pet is choking, her life is in immediate danger and she might not make it to a clinic. In this case, taking matters into your own hands could save your pet’s life. Choking is most common among dogs (though it may also happen in cats). If you have a dog, in particular, I suggest you become familiar with how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

It’s relatively simple and could save your pet’s life. Once the object is cleared from your pet’s airway, get him to your veterinarian or an emergency clinic immediately. Another tool you can learn now to potentially save your pet’s life in an emergency is CPR. The American Red Cross offers classes in many areas that allow you to receive hands-on training with an animal mannequin.

Hopefully you’ll never need to use the tips provided in this article, but the truth is that no one ever expects an emergency. Taking 20 minutes now to get prepared can make all the difference if the unexpected happens.



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