Author: Trevor Caruso

The First Steps of Progress

The First Steps of Progress Progress in Wujifa can sometimes be defined not by learning new forms, but by dissolving old patterns. Maladaptive habitual movement patterns are often learned through improper instruction or when we restrict our training to form practice. In the practice of Wujifa, and often in life in general, progress manifests as we notice connection. The aspiring practitioner, who is able to see the significance of noticing, is generally the one who makes the most progress. Every practitioner I have had the pleasure of training with, has reported that discovering this simple principle has changed their...

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Tucking the Tailbone

by Trevor Caruso, Rolf S.I. Therapist and Internal Martial Artist When I began my training in internal martial arts, I was often told to tuck the tailbone under to straighten and elongate the spine. Little did I know that the way in which we go about this can be detrimental to our health and practice. In the art of Wujifa, there is a saying, ‘relax the lower back, inguinal creases in’. For ones structure to maintain a functional connection, the body must be relaxed; this is where we find balance. Balance, structure and relaxation are all interrelated aspects of...

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Wujifa, Standing Meditation and the Essence of Internal Martial Arts

Wujifa, Standing Meditation and the Essence of Internal Martial Arts by Trevor Caruso is a Rolf Structural Integration Therapist  In Wujifa, there is a saying: the method is not the truth, once you get the feeling, get rid of the method. Method can be a great tool, but we can often get caught up in form and method and find it difficult to let go. In the martial arts we tend to be bombarded by forms with little explanation or room for discovery of the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of what we’re doing. There’s little room for feeling and discovering when...

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Bodywork and Movement – Connecting with Fascia

Bodywork and Movement – Fascia: A Vital Sensory Organ? by Trevor Caruso  An Awakening Experience with Fascia Laying in bed one morning, I awoke to my body in a particularly contorted position. My head cranked to the side, my shoulders bunched up towards my ears, and my torso laid contorted like rotini. I began to unfurl; untwisted my spine, allowed my sacrum to lengthen, my low back made a more firm contact with the bed. My shoulders stretched outward and the effects of gravity gently pulled them towards the earth as my neck extended towards the head of the bed. Making Connection I laid there for a few seconds, in this relaxed, stretched out position, and it hit me… I suddenly felt a new sense of aliveness, as if I had an extra sense at my disposal. A gentle feeling of excitement ran through my body as I felt the connection my teachers before me had so often purported. Putting It Together At an early age I began my training in awareness and movement practices, from Aikido to Tai Chi to Qigong and lesser known practices, like Wujifa and standing meditation. I watched and learned from my teachers. How do they move? What are they feeling? Where does my movement look different or the same, and why? Fascia After years of study, I found a teacher who continuously shared the importance...

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