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TELOMERES—Turning Back the Clock on Aging

TELOMERES — Turning Back the Clock on Aging – Learn More This Mar. 6th in Santa Cruz by Bobbie Katz (from an Interview with Bill Andrews, PhD & renowned Formulator John Anderson) Ever dream of living to 125 and beyond while being healthy, vital, and feeling and looking like you were in your twenties again? No, we’re not talking Twilight Zone here, but rather real science that could prove to be the most world-worthy news of our time—a breakthrough product called Isagenix Product B that could change the entire global health picture as we know it. It’s all thanks to molecular biologist and researcher Bill Andrews, Ph.D., and Isagenix Master Formulator and Founder John Anderson, who are bringing to the fore the long and short of the situation surrounding human longevity—Telomeres. “Telomere length is the nearest measure that science has ever found to determine lifespan in humans, horses, dogs and cats—it acts as an internal ‘hourglass’ or ‘biological clock’ for aging,” explains Dr. Andrews, the founder, president and CEO of Sierra Sciences in Reno, Nevada, and one of the world’s leading authorities on Telomerase biology. “Almost every known disease can be attributed to the shortening of Telomeres. We are all born with long Telomeres, but they start to shorten from the day we are conceived. Product B has been formulated to address premature or normal Telomere shortening. And, what’s amazing...

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Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol? Local Holistic Drug Treatment Facility is Paving the Way for New Hope For many struggling with addiction, the idea of going to rehab conjures images of locking oneself away in a sterile environment and sitting in a room full of random strangers discussing how to manage their “disease” for 30 days. This will usually be accompanied with a diagnosis of mental illness along with a prescription. While this is considered conventional treatment, it is not the only option. This is Not a 12-Step Program Since 1992, there has been an alternative way to treat addiction in Santa Cruz County. A nonprofit organization has provided treatment to thousands from around the nation.  The Narconon model varies from the traditional 12-Step treatment method in that addicts are not taught “once an addict, always an addict.” Nor are they taught that they have and must learn to manage the everlasting “disease of addiction.” Instead, the philosophy is that pharmaceutical medications only mask symptoms brought about from addiction, and that the body and mind do better when it is healthy and functioning properly.  Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutritious food restore healthy living. Detoxification Benefits There is also a detoxification element of their program where clients sweat out drug toxins in a dry heat sauna, thus eliminating physical cravings. With physical cravings being a key contributor to relapse,...

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21-Day Cleanse, Reboot and Thrive

21-Day Cleanse, Reboot and Thrive by Misa Lawson, MPH, RD, Emotional Brain Training Nature has an innate wisdom of seasons and cycles, and so does human physiology. Just like fruit burgeons in the spring, grows plump in the summer only to become deciduous and decay in the autumn, and dormant in the winter, our physiology cycles in circadian and cellular rhythms. Built into our cellular and organ systems is the ability to grow and develop, detoxify waste products and create renewable energy. We do this naturally. With modernization, however, we are exposed to an overload of environmental toxins, inflammatory foods and emotional stress that results in imbalance and disruptions in health. Feeling sick, tired and burnt out becomes the new norm. We forget how good we can feel.  Just like radical shifts in nature, when ecology is out of balance, our bodies react with illness. We know Mother Earth needs a committed intervention. Can we give this proactive attention to our bodies as well? Is it time to cleanse? In my experience, a twenty-one day cleanse program supervised by qualified health practitioners with the camaraderie of co-participants allows for a deep biological shift as well as an improvement in long term health behaviors.  Detox practices such as the removal of common dietary offenders, use of herbs, saunas, and other naturopathic methods cleanse the digestive, hepatic, respiratory and elimination systems....

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PDF Download of Connection Magazine January 2014

Download PDF of Print Version PDF Download version of Connection Magazine. See our Magazine in all its printed glory! The January 2014 PDF issue focuses on GMO Vote in Washington, Fukushima, Business, Health, Fitness, Diet & Nutrition and many other Healthy Living and Conscious Lifestyle topics. To download PDF version of Connection Magazine click blue box below: Click Here to Download January 2014 Connection Magazine PDF Click Here to Download January 2014 Connection Magazine PDF To download PDF’s that are older go to Archives in the menu above. To Advertise Call: (831)...

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