Author: Megan Montero

FENG SHUI BOOKS: Are They Helpful or Confusing?

  by Megan Montero Have you ever read a Feng Shui book and felt confused? Overwhelmed about how to proceed? Worried that everything in your house is wrong and where do you possibly begin?  Feng Shui books can be very confusing! They can also be helpful if you know how to read them. I hope to help you navigate through the confusion so you can benefit in your learning about Feng Shui. I was inspired to write this article because of some of the experiences my clients had had before they called for help. Although they resonated deeply with...

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Why Do We Hold Onto Clutter?

by Megan Montero Why do we hold onto clutter? Why is it so difficult to let it go? The answer is fear. Fear we will need it in the future. Fear that we are less than without it. Fear of making a mistake. Fear that we will loose the memory attached to it, even though it stays tucked away, never to be seen again. Fear that we will miss it when it’s gone. These are fears about the past and the future. What about the present? How do you feel right now about your X,Y’s and Z’s? Honoring your...

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Your Stove: Source of Wealth and Health

by Megan Montero Imagine the delicious smells of the kitchen, with friends or family gathering around as the magic of dinner is created. This time of year, Mother Earth provides us with an abundance of different foods to enjoy cooking and eating: red peppers, eggplants, apples, winter squash, just to name a few. There is nothing like the nourishment and pleasure received from a home cooked meal. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the stove is considered one of the most important elements of a house. It’s a symbol of wealth and health. Everything related to the stove, from...

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Wind, Water and Weather

by Megan Montero In Chinese, the words Feng Shui mean, “ wind water”. The term Feng Shui refers to the balance and flow of these two essential elements, which are necessary to maintain health and balance. The drought inspires me to share an ancient perspective and my personal experience, about our relationship with wind, water and weather. Recently I was in the highlands of central Mexico, in a village called Tepoztlan. I have been going there for many years since I was initiated as a Granicera, or Weather Worker, in the Nahua weather working tradition of Mexico.  I arrived...

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The Feng Shui Bagua: Your Life Reflects Your Home.

by Megan Montero Did you know there is a place in your home related to your health? Your finances? Even your reputation?  Every aspect of your life is directly related to a specific place in your home.  We mirror our home and our home reflects our personal strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes our best efforts at moving forward in life are thwarted because our living space holds us in an old pattern. For example, if your deepest longing is to find your life partner, but because the shape of your home is missing the area related to marriage, then the...

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