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by Cynthia Tanner, LE
 Environmental aggressions such as the assaults of wind and sun, can cause a delicate visage to lose its youthful glow and moist radiance. Life’s stresses can cause us to feel devitalized and in need of restful rejuvenation. A professional aromatherapy facial is a wonderful way to revive and refresh your complexion and your spirit. 
Having a facial treatment is a chance to take a break from your hectic activity — to relax and be transported to peaceful, healing renewal. The first important steps toward beautiful healthy skin are cleansing to eliminate impurities, and exfoliation, to remove...

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How Did These Breeds All End Up ‘NAKED?’

by Dr. Becker You may not be able to imagine your dog or cat without his soft, furry coat, but for some people, a hairless pet is far more alluring. With their unusual and striking appearances, hairless pets attract a lot of attention, but it’s their personalities that make a lasting mark on their owners’ hearts. Hairlessness in dogs and cats is actually a genetic defect that was purposefully propagated at some point in history. Today, while some people choose hairless pets simply because they like their appearance, they’re most often chosen over their furry counterparts because they do...

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by Meghann Finn After releasing the video for new single “Indian Givers” last month, Neil Young has announced the upcoming release of a full new album, Peace Trail.  Track titles include “My New Robot” and “Terrorist Suicide Hangliders”.  Even at 70, Neil Young remains as prolific as ever. According to his press release, Young has announced a new solo album titled Peace Trail, set for release December 2 via Reprise. This album is described as “primarily acoustic” effort that “reflects an intimate, sparse approach that draws the listening into the heart of the songs in a personal way.”  This will be his 38th studio album overall, and...

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by Vani Hari, the Food Babe I was having an interesting conversation about our latest campaign with a family member last night. She said “Does anyone that reads your blog actually eat fast food…?” And this brings up a struggle I hear often. We all tend to rely on fast or processed store-bought options when we are not prepared—even if we know it’s not good for us. Here’s how to change that: It’s Thursday night and you just got off of work. You’re feeling exhausted and starving. After you pick the kids up or run an errand, you head...

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Hepatitis B Vaccine: What Parents Should Know

by Dr. Joseph  Mercola One of the most important decisions that every new parent makes is whether or not their child should receive a vaccination. Regardless of what your stand is, it is highly recommended that you learn about the vaccine in question—especially its efficacy and risks—before giving it to your child. In the United States, the hepatitis B vaccine is one of the first vaccines a child receives. Regulation states that they get it within the first few hours after they are born. Natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola says that the hepatitis B vaccine is the least...

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